In dire straits please help us…

We only live a simple life and I presently work in a call center but we could not make ends meet at this point in time since we are heavily in debt right now. I was jobless for a few months because I left my former BPO company which I had stayed for  7 years planning to go abroad and try my luck there, but that did not become a reality so I had to take in loans from friends for survival.  The only savings I had then was all used up too when we adopted our baby.  Life wasn’t this way for us before and we were able to live well then.  I wanted to give up already but I have a family who depends on me and I don’t want them to suffer when I’m gone.

We just need something that will put us back on track so I can save something out of my paycheck for my daughter’s future as well as for her long overdue baptism. At this point in time, there isn’t any amount much to save from it since I’d been paying debts. I don’t want to take in another loan though since this will mess up our finances even more. Sadly, I’ve no one to rely on to but myself. Both my parents had moved on already. The few relatives I have don’t have the capacity to help and I don’t want to burden them some more with this situation I’m in.
Through your kindness and generosity in whatever form, I will be self sufficient again. It will equalize everything and we can start life anew once more. Through your goodwill we will have a fresh lease of life. I do plan to pay it forward one day and this can start a chain of kindness in helping one another in need and will surely make more lives better.

This is so embarrassing I know, but as a father I really have to do this for our kid’s sake. I will also understand if you will just ignore this since you don’t know me personally but nonetheless I am still reaching out to you and I will just take my chances  on your generosity.

Please help us in whatever you can afford to share only for this turmoil we’re in. I will gladly keep you informed of our progress should you decide to so you will know that we have really put into good use. I am willing to give you all the personal information you need to verify that I need genuine help.  I only need to raise 30, 000 pesos for us to be able to recover and write off all our debts as well as pay our outstanding bills.  Any amount no matter how small will be a big help for us in reaching that goal.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the people who had helped us survive when I was jobless then, namely, C. Villaroman, G. Cruz, J.Baterina, K. Hayudini, S. Valencia, G. Lapore,  J. and B. Lim, H. Oblena, A. Bello, A. Adarne, R. Eguillos and my only brother O. Lassi .  They gave out freely and never expected anything in return.  God bless you all ! And may you continue to have abundance and blessings from God.   From the bottom of my heart…Thank you so much !

2013-10-31 16.43.18

The path may be long and arduous for us but we will surely get there one way or the other with your hand in mine!

If you wish to extend assistance in US currency, please click the button below:


For peso donations, please click here.

All credit card transactions are secure and safe thru PayPal and you do not need to have a PayPal account to donate.

Goal: P30,000.00                 Raised: P500.00


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